About Us

What are animals? Animals are all living and breathing organisms that feed on other types of matter. These beautiful creatures come from all different parts of the world, from Africa, to Antarctica, to Austrailia, to the United States, to even in our own home. Some of them swim, some of them fly, some of them lay eggs, some of them can even change color. It's important to learn about animals because even though physically they may look different from us, but in many ways they are very similiar to humans. I created this platform to give kids a great way to learn about different types of animals. Children can learn about differences and similarities between animals such as food, shelter, water, and what they need in order to survive. We can also learn alot from animals such as trusting your instincts, where you hear a little voice in your head or listening to your gut which both animals and humans do. Another thing we can learn from them is respecting elders, because they give us the gift of wisdom that they can pass down to younger generations. We can also learn to reach your goals and persevere, which we both do in order to survive. Live sustainably where we are able to get food and have shelter, and play fair. Another important thing we can learn from animals is helping one another out. Whether it's helping your pride, pack, or family both animals and humans do this to help one another out.

Need a Job?

There are alot of possible jobs you can have if you are an animal lover. You can be an 1. Animal Caretaker 2. Animal Trainer 3. Veterinary Assistant 4. Zookeeper 5. Breeder


There are many ways you can volunteer with animals. Here are some organizations you can join in order to volunteer with animals and make a difference. Visit Animal Care Volunteering-World Animal Proctection.us, or call (800)883-9772 Visit ASPCA.org, or call (888)666-2279


Here are some ways you can donate to a local animal shelter, wild life, or any organization that helps animals.

You can donate to ASPCA. You can donate an animal to Episcopal Relief & Development. You can make a donation to Neglected Animals who need you.